First blog post

This is the post excerpt.

Β Do what your heart desires.

It’s very important that you know what you really want in life. There’s a lot of choices to make but only few will lead you to the right path. It’s not necessarily making the right decision all the time.Its just setting priorities one at a time.Who knows what you think is wrong at the moment,will be the only change to make everything right.

The unspoken words

It’s the hidden words behind the smile.The kind that makes your heart melt and your energy boost. The words that we kept in ourselves while letting the moment last as possible.We also tend to be the bearer of the wrong message when we’re angry. We say things out of our frustration that we wish we haven’t said because behind those harsh words lies  a child begging to be loved,cared and was just seeking for attention.If only we says what we really wanted to say when we’re in pain.Maybe life becomes easier.Maybe they will understand what we really wanted. 

Just like a child whose incapable to say what they want.Who whined and cry,when all she wanted is a hug from you.We don’t realise but we also act like one in our daily lives.Unable to say the right words at the right time that lead to heartbreak and frustration.Yes!why is it so hard to say the truth?Always saying your doing fine when your bleeding inside. Convincing yourself that’s it’s the right things to say when you knew in the first place that it’s not.Maybe those unspoken words will bring so much joy and happiness in your life.Why not practicing yourself in telling the truth instead of hiding your real emotion and saying the other way around.

Your human.Capable to adapt in anything under any circumstances.But please don’t be a victim of your own destructive self.Whenever you need love,say it.When your tired,rest.Instead of pushing the people around.

Be the person who you badly want when you need help.Be the person whose logical enough to solve the problem.And be a child whose careless enough to say what she wants and who fight furiously just to get it.
Happy weekend everyone.


Motherhood still rocks!!!

Since today is a happy day for me, I wanted to share my style and favorite outfits.

Yes!I’m a mother and also a woman.I don’t believe in the saying that when you reach motherhood,you will also look like one. This is a new generation and I want to inspire my children to always be a better version of their selves.

So there it goes.

We all have different responsibility but please don’t forget to take good care of yourself.We are entitled to our own being. Nurture the gift and continue to grow.We cannot give something we don’t have,so it always starts from within. Yes,it’s a challenge but it’s not impossible.Dont stop making yourself happy in order to give more happiness to the people around.

It’s not a crime to take good care of ourselves. We just gave birth to beautiful and loving babies.Its time to take extra care to the body who made it possible to happen.
Stay happy and productive.


Thank you

I’m so happy!!!!

I didn’t expect to have this followers since  I’m so new to this blogging stuff but you guys rocks. When I first started this I don’t even know what to write and so on.

A big thank you for everyone whose following me and who keep reading my post. I  really wanted to share my thoughts and ideas and hopefully to gain new friends here.I hope everyone is in good shape. Lets continue to inspire each other and make this journey happy.

The mask

We all wear a mask every day,so why not wear the mask of happiness.Yes! happiness. Sound familiar? It’s so easy to be mad and frustrated and throw all the bullshit to someone or something. Feels like your nostrils were flaring and fire will go out in your mouth.And then you remember you just bought a set of anti aging cream and being mad and angry will be no good for your routine.πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

It sounds funny but yes we need to be reminded why we need to be calm and relax.A dose of happiness will not hurt your pocket nor your pride. If you don’t like something say it or walk away from it. Period.Dont let yourself trap to this scheme of loneliness. A smile from someone made us smile so why not do the same to others? This world will be better if we know how to see the goodness​ of everyone. And I’m hoping you will see why you should be happy.


Why less is perfect​?

It’s really important to take things in better prospective, like wearing clothes.Wear less folks! You don’t need to wear too much specially in our hot weather in the Philippines.It will make you feel fresh without taking or wearing that much.Also in life,we need to take it slow.Enjoy the scenery and don’t mind the business of other people. If you’ll take things personally, you’ll be hurt.

We have our own limit in life.Dont over do a lot of things. Look at the bright side and enjoy.In this competitive world whose expecting us to be perfect,be careless.Be bold and show them that less is still cool. Less stress, negative vibes and drama.

Yes!Less is still perfect.Dont hesitate to be free from worries and burden.Tell yourself;Today I’ll be less perfectionist and dramatic.Things may not be according to plan but I’ll find ways for an alternative.This will be the day to be happy.


The other side of the story

We all heared the sacrifices of all the mother but how about the story of the father? Personally,when I first started this family journey I thought my husband take it less seriously than I do. But he proved me wrong in all levels.His very hands on with the kids. Even if his tired after work,he still have lots of energy to let the kids sleep at night. He knows what the kids wants and what’s needed through out the day.He always remind me of all the things that should have done.Yes,his not perfect but his trying his very best for our children. When I buy something,he always ask me if its really suitable for the kids or asked me to check it in Google if its really the best.Wow!this guy is different and he got πŸ’―%.

I forgot sometimes all his sacrifices in this family.Were new in this field and we’re doing  our try and error process.When I’m complaining how hard it is to look after the kids and how the postpartum affects me or how my sanity is,he will just answer me with” Ma,it’s normal.We need to go through all of this.Its not always a happy story but it’s all worth it.We can make it for the kids.” And my heart melts and I don’t know how it was able to come back in shape. My husband is a gentle soul.He loves his family. This guy is not perfect but his worth the fight. We will still face a lot of heartaches and disappointments and betrayal for sure but it’s okay.We just need to choose the person who can hurt us and heal us at the same time.The story will still continue on the other side while I’m creating mine here. One coin but two views should be seen. We have different perspective but don’t forget the value of the people around.You’re not the only one who’s doing all the dirty work and the laundry.You have your partner and please make them feel valued and love. They also need appreciation and recognition for keeping up with us.



The Fashionista behind the pictures

Your always gorgeous my dalaginding. You rock the outfit with your smile.

I feel so out of place next to you my princess.πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

Always a sweetie. Pink ribbon suits best in you.

So adorable!

Growing up my stress reliever is watching  fashion show. Their something about the lights,colors and textures of the outfits that was wore and me wondering if I can wear it myself. I mean the creation was perfect but it cant be wear in daily basis.I wish they come up with more comfortable outfit though.I also like watching talk shows and how I was amazed by how they talk so flawlessly.It’s tremendous!

I always look forward on doing things with a twist. And fashion statement is my way out.I don’t believe on sticking on one genre when you can mixed and matched. Theirs a lot of way to be simple yet different. It’s just a matter of choice. We’re all have different taste and favorites. We just need to explore a little bit and I’m hoping to pass my passion of fashion to my kids. They can have it their way but for now,I’ll do it my way.
I still have a lot of things in mind but my babies were not in the mood for more changed outfit. So there’s more to come.I won’t give up easily babies. Mama will make you wear all of it.