Things to ask yourself :

  • Am I okay?
  • What do I really feel?
  • What are the things that I’m afraid of?
  • How can I make it better?

Most of the times we keep on denying that were OKAY and in the process ruining ourselves at the end. The first step of healing is accepting that we’re not okay to begin with. Cry if you want. Stop justifying the wrong deeds of others.

Stop making excuses for them like ;

  • Maybe he/she’s not feeling well.
  • Maybe he needs time.
  • Maybe he doesn’t have a good loving family.
  • Maybe his not ready to say sorry because his ashamed of it.
  • Maybe he doesn’t know I’m hurting and it’s really my fault at all.


You feeling not okay and hurt is not okay. Whatever the reason of the other person is. You can’t live a life saying I’m cool with it and wishing and hoping that the other person will be dead the next day. Ops! Yeah. You need to let go of your anger and whatever that’s hurting you right now.

Talk to someone whom you can trust with. Letting go of the pain is a long process. It takes time. You feeling belittled and hurt is just part of the process but it’s NOT YOU. It’s a feeling that you can let go.

What to do?

  • Stop caring for your own thoughts.
  • Guard your own heart.
  • Stop being nice if you feel you don’t.
  • Do things for you.
  • Appreciate life.
  • Be angry if you are and let go of the thoughts that your not worth it.
  • Love your own peace.

And when the time comes, be an example of how beautiful life will be if we love ourselves. It will show off, so others will do the same and ruining and pulling each other down will never be an issue anymore.

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