Value every moment.

Laugh your heart out.

Forgive as much as you can.

Hug a little tighter.

Sit and have a genuine conversation.

See the colors around you.

Feel the cold breeze.

Listen to the busy streets.

Pick up that dirty clothes.

Make your home a home.

Make your mind your own.

Today, focus on giving thanks to everything that you have and the people who you truly love.

Love like you always do but do it a little bit sweeter today.

My family is not my source of joy but my joy.

And I hope this month you too will experience a genuine happiness of having a family to cherish and to love.

Say your I Love You, often.

Leave the house with a happy smile instead of rushing to close the door.

Drink the cup of tea that was served.

Eat the food that was cooked.

Take a breath to feel the oxygen in your system.


The world is evolving and so do you.

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