Photos from covid-19 updates.

The COVID-19 pandemic is world wide and many lives was taken. Its very painful that a virus that can’t survived on its own can caused something like this.

It needs a host to survived. It can be human and animals. And since humans and animals were connected and can’t help but to interact together, the virus spread so fast that its so hard to determine who has it now a days.

I won’t go to medical field anymore coz I know most of us knows how the virus spread and what not to do in this extra ordinary time.

Most of us were in quarantine. It’s scary to go out but some essential needs needed to be bought outside the comfort of our home.

But you know what’s the most scary thing? When you feel like you have the symptoms and mass testing is not available. Only severe cases will be tested. It causes paranoia. Because we treasure our lives and the safety of our love ones. The guessing game is not good for us.

It can be a mild cough, running nose and fever. And we wanted to be sure if we’re positive or not but you know what’s the good thing about it?

The virus won’t stay long in our body. In less than a month it will be gone if our immune system is strong enough to fight it.

So what to do??


  • Drink enough water.
  • Eat healthy food.
  • Drink supplements.
  • Drink fresh tea from garlic, turmeric, ginger and calamansi/lemon.
  • Enjoy your peace.
  • Relax if you can.
  • Deep breath. Enjoy the gift of life.

And if someone has a severe case don’t hesitate to call your health practitioner before going to the hospital. Discrimination should not be happening right now. We need compassion and understanding. Do the basic hygiene at home. And don’t forget to check your family and friends on how their coping to this pandemic. Just someone to talk to means a lot these days.

Let’s heal as one.

Let’s pray together.

Let’s support each other if we can.

All the front liners are risking their lives to save thousands of lives.

We need unity.

Let’s be part of the solution.

2 thoughts on “How are you coping to the COVID-19 Pandemic?

    1. You’ll be fine. Human being always strive to be the best. History can prove it and I always believe that the world is healing as we are. We’re giving this chance to stop and really think what’s important in our lives. Being busy is not an excuse. We need to choice to be brave and enjoy our forced vacation. 😁


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