I wouldn’t thought I’d survived. Having twins is not an easy job. They constantly on the run and curious on a lot of things. Too loud, too complicated and too much to handle. I’m not even exaggerating here. But every morning when they call me Mama, Good morning! Everything were paid off.

I have two warriors who keeps on spreading there wings and still on discovering a lot of things in life. The vibes that they’re giving me lights the darkness within. They keep on reminding me how to live life.

They’re not afraid of anything unless I shout loud that keeps them at bay sometimes. I discover a lot of things and what I’m capable of giving without waiting anything in return.

My kids teach me how to laugh even in the worst scenarios in life. Yeah! It’s when I’m screaming and the next thing we’re laughing at loud.

But yeah!

For the two little human who makes my world a little more extra ordinary.

Happy birthday!!!!!

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