I can’t imagine how our relationship stay stronger than ever. It’s been a tough love to begin with. We are two different people trying to figure out how to live life. We have different views and prospective in life that most I don’t approved with. I am very logical and competitive but when it comes to you all that I know became nothing. People say when you married a person you need to love the entire him and not just the ideal person you thought of him. That’s crap! Because when you really love a person you become the better human than you can possibly be. And with you, your the version of me whose been hidden for quite a while.

You wear your heart on your sleeves. You’re not afraid to show me when your hurt and anxious and I think no man have the same courage like you do. Because I grow up keeping everything in. I’ve created a tough surface so no one can hurt me while I’m bleeding inside. I didn’t allow an outsider in so I can heal and still can pretend I don’t care on a lot of things when the fact is I really do and it makes me die a little bit.

You’ve been a wonderful person to me. You showed me how family should be treated. You show me how to human again. Sometimes, you show what not to do and it’s perfectly fine with me. I can discuss a lot of things to you and you listen.

You listen and that matters than the whole world to me. I love you, Mahal.

You’ve been a great provider, a husband and father to our kids.

Happy birthday to the 3 of you.

Your sharing the day with the twins and thats I’m grateful for.

I hope we can spend the next 60 years together or even more.

I wouldn’t mind as long as your there entertaining me.

I love you. ❤️❤️❤️

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