I’ve become sad whenever I read or watch something depressing. So I filtered my account to shield my eyes for such thing. I even stop watching dramatic movies. I don’t like more dramas in my life.

My imagination is very creative and it will entertained me for a long time. When you lose a lot of people whose close to your heart, you start to stop seeing more to go. I stop to see more to go. When you care so much, it’s hard to let go. So when people says ” if you love someone,let them go. That’s foolishness.

You just need to let them feel how you feel. Because my dear friend, life here is shorter than you think. You wouldn’t know how much time you have or them. So I decided to create more happy memories. I tend to escape this online world and spend time with my family. Yet, I still feel empty. I feared to lose more.

Have you ever experience dreaming bodies of water and the next couple of months another love one, dies? It’s creepy actually. Whenever I saw a person, I see their aura that starts fading. Do you know how saddening it is? And when I was growing up my father always reminding me he won’t last long to see his grandchildren.

How does he knows that?

Why his seeing things like that?

Maybe it’s human nature or maybe our very soul knows what’s in store for us. Maybe let’s start listening to that voice that keeps us awake at night, so will know what to do. Or maybe let’s start to face the sad reality in life. No one will stay for so long.

You just need to love them so hard and make their lives happier if you can. Show compassion. Inspire them to be better. Allow them to grow. To see how beautiful this world is. Let them be their own person. Let them be mad and crazy and learned from it.

Laugh hard. Love more. Be better for your own sake. Be the wonder that your looking for. Be brave. See the world outside your cage. If people don’t inspire you,inspire yourself. You always have a choice until you don’t have a say on anything.

Until then, do the things you wanted to do.

11 thoughts on “The sadness within…

  1. I agree that there is too much sadness and drama in this world. I avoid the news and sad movies. I never thought that I would find the latest Jurassic Park movie sad in spots. I was crying through it. It is hard to filter out all things that are sad though. Sometimes we do have to deal with it. My dad had a stroke in July. He is not the gentle dad I used to know. We have to accept him how he is now. God bless you!

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    1. We can’t filter everything but atleast some can be avoided. And I’m sorry about your situation though. I hope you’ll do fine as as well as Him. Maybe the only way is to see best side of life. So we know some are the best and some stays as lesson learned. 😊

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      1. I hope I was able to experience what you had right now. Seeing my father acting like a child. I haven’t seen him aged though. Your still lucky somehow. I hope you’ll be able to catch up with your dad. And I’m hoping he’ll recover eventually.

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      2. Seeing a group of elderly people giggling and acting like little children is really disconcerting and even more so being the strong dad who took care of me and still was when the stroke hit him. There is no change of recovery. Besides the damage of the stroke he is suffering from dementia. The conspiracy stories we here are sad and tragic for him to live through. The only good part is that he doesn’t remember these after they happen and his mind becomes lucid again for awhile.


      3. I’m sorry to hear that. I know its really hard seeing someone we love experiencing such thing but I know God will guide you and your family. Your dad needs you more than ever. Sending lots of loves and prayer for the family.

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  2. Great post and quite fascinating, I can cry at a film, or the Athletics and I quite like the feeling, I guess it’s a kind of passion. Don’t see the point in sad films and can’t blame you not watching, life’s hard enough lol. But I’ve never cried over real life. I love the part about letting family be their own person and inspiring them 💐


    1. My tears are shallow and I felt the pain was mine and not in the movies at all. It makes me very sad so I switch to horror movies. I like the thrill and the horror. The stuff that makes me scream. It’s kinda weird though but I like it more. We just have different preferences I guess. And glad you like this post. Thank you for reading it. I really appreciate it.

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