Are you ready for this?

Its not a secret that nightmare comes to visit us everyone once in a while.

You can feel your heart beat rising and your palm sweating. You wanted to scream and run but you can’t do it all. But let me tell you a secret of mine. I can control my own nightmares. Weird right? I’ve been doing it in ages. I always have nightmares when I was young and what I do is, thinking its only a dream and I can also have super powers of my own. Like I can fly or I can vanished, oh! The most exciting part is, I can transport myself to whatever place I like. Hahaha! It’s like I’m the director of my own dream. But there are nightmares that can really make me wanna crawl and just die. Of course I’m just kidding. I’m a fan of horror movie. Screaming and being scared is what I’m looking for. It makes my veins alive and kicking.

What I can advise you is be brave. You can always come up with different outlet of that certain circumstances. Just a few minutes ago, I dream of a fat white lady who wanted to hurt me. Jezzz!! I’m having a goosebumps now. The feeling was so real as well as the pain but I haven’t felt any doubt. I was scared but not afraid. I have a strong faith and a stubborn head that even the scariest thing can’t pee me in bed. Yes! In whatever situation you have, if you don’t know what to do, then pray. That’s the best weapon that you have.

Also, watching horror movies will give you ideas how to scape a ghost. Always be informed and watched the behind the scene scenarios so you know how they’d able to do such things. What I’m really trying to tell you, is to be brave. When everything fails then just run and wake up.

Just wake up.

Happy Halloween. 🦇

2 thoughts on “What to do when nightmare attacks?

  1. I had nightmares all last night. Luckily (?) I have a husband who gets annoyed and shakes me awake when I yell. He says I told him last night, “You went off with the lady!” when he shook me from screaming.

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