I’m done thinking of the opinion of others.

I’m done doing things for them while I felt empty from within.

I’m done saying good things for them to be happy.

I’m done being a pleaser.

I’m done forgiving everyone else while I’m so hard on myself.

I’m done being frustrated.

I’m done on entertaining negative thoughts that wasn’t good for me.

I’m done being sad and gloomy.

I’m done crying on things thats not even worth it.

I’m done being right.

I’m done being someone to somebody.

You read it???
I’m a quieter.
But that was a good ride. A good lessons. Not a perfect story but a good lesson.

I’m welcoming good vibes and possibility. I know I have everything to be proud of. A family I can call my own. A loving and happy kids with a back-up husband.
So yes!!!!

I’m done.

9 thoughts on “I’m done!

  1. I like this post, no, I love it because you should be done. If you live life for others, why we’re you born? If you live to make others happy, you’ll never be happy and you are the one that matters beautiful.🌹🌹. Live your life!! If you’re happy, others around you should be, if they aren’t, they don’t belong. Weeds don’t go in gardens.🌹🌹🌹🌹

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Exactly beautiful🌹. We all control our own pens in life, it’s our stories to write, we are the authors of or own book of life.❤️. Write to make you happy.😉


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