Before I became a mother, my parents have limitations for me. You can do this and you can’t do that. It’s plain black and white. Either I follow or do the other way around.  But growing up, I’ve learned different kind of shades. Different colours and textures. I’m not afraid to try something new. It actually excites me and bring thrilled to my soul.  I don’t judge easily because it actually bring curiosity to my wandering brain. 
I know for a fact that everyone has different upbringing and history which is not mine to tell. It’s easy to make conclusion but wait, isn’t it easy to ask questions first before assuming things?
Okay. Everyday we have different struggles in life. Getting out of bed, finding the right outfit for the day, traffic, load work or even finding out that your coffee is now cold.Your emotions sometimes gets the best out of you. So be careful. You should think what’s best for you before thinking the welfare of other. Because honestly I can’t function well if I feel hot and hungry. What’s the connection?

Your state of mind.

Sometimes we feel like were left behind. That no one care for us. That were useless and doesn’t worth even for 5 cents. Darling, I’m telling you. I know how it feels and I know that I’m just hungry during those days. Kidding aside. It will pass for sure. Don’t poison your mind for the negative things that you think you deserve to have. You are a working progress. You maybe damaged but still recyclable. You might be in pain now but you will be fine. Don’t let your emotions ruin the very person that you need the most. Which is you.

For me,it’s okay to be poison with a vintage red wine than a bleaching solution.

You see? 

Their still class in poisoning. But of course we still want to be snow white.  That even after eating a poisonous apple, she was still bring alive with a true love kiss.


Stay away from poison, it’s not good for your health. Don’t limit yourself. Spread that beautiful wings of yours. Be the butterfly among those flowers. Be the light after the rain. Be courageous of reaching your dream. Be calm and still. The world maybe weary sometimes but your limitless. Capable of making great things.

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