My daughter Lexi

First of all, I wanted to thank you for making this blog a dream come true. I’m very grateful and it never leaves unnoticed that you spend time reading my post. The proof is here:

See?I wanted to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all of you. Last December was my long vacation. Less social medias activities and more quality time with my family. It always feels so good to recharge again and focus on what’s important and what not.  So now I wanted to start my year with an appreciative heart for everything that I have. Not everyone was given a chance to voice out their own thoughts and was able to connect with a lot of people. So now I would like to use this platform to encourage and to spread good vibes and positivity as I can.

 We often hear about life is too short for this and that but we seldom forgot that it’s important too. That weither your a mom, a dad, a child, an employee and a neighbor and etc. ,the most basic thing is you Are You.  Whenever you have a chance, say you care for them. If you’ve noticed that one of your family members and your friends were acting weird,please don’t  let it unnoticed.  You are important and so they are. We need each other to survive and to make this world a little bit nicer and kind.  If you have a problem don’t be afraid to seek help either it’s physical problem or mental illness. No one will judge you. You are never alone. You have battles to conquer and sometimes, most of the times you need to be with warriors who will also fight for you. 

While your reading this, hope I have awaken the warrior in you. A beast who fight for what he believes he can. A swordmaster who never belittled his opponent. A master who has the heart of his people and a dreamer who never stops dreaming. Yes! you have everything that you need to achieve whatever​ your heart desires. Just do whatever it takes to fulfilled your dreams. Never stop. Never surrender. 

And also I wanted to remind you that while your taking care of your love ones,don’t forget to take good care of yourself. It’s not self indulgent, its your main responsibility. Seek  kindness, authenticity,art and self preservation in whatever you do.

Again, a happy new year to all of us!!!!!


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