Still I can hear the song that you sung

My heart still skip a bit with its tune

I know your at peace but my heart still in  grief

Nothing that time can’t cure but yours the exception

Behind the happy thoughts lies a miserable  child

Who hasn’t lost hope for the day that you will come back

Please don’t knock on the door

I don’t want that anymore

Just please give me a hug and smile

I pray hard for you to be okay

I pray for you more than me

Your the gift that I can’t touch  but you do have place in my heart

Your a proof  that good things don’t last but it’s memories will last a long time


I’m still grieving

Still I can’t accept that I can only see you in my dreams

A dream that will end wheneverโ€‹ I open my eyes

A dream that I can’t control

A constant reminder of your loss

I can’t help the tears..

Oh the tears!

Why it cant be your hand wiping my cheeks?

Why I can’t celebrate the day that you were born?

Yeah!I can’t..

I can’t even sing a straight happy birthday to you..

I am your child…

I should be strong and happy…

I should but I can’t..

I should be

But then again..

I’m just a lost child now..

Happy birthday Papa!

32 thoughts on “Hopeful child

      1. I have five children now. I so wish they could have their Grandfather. Their lives would be so different. It must have been so hard to have him leave from your arms. I want to give that whole, Time heals all, crap saying. I just don’t think it does sometimes.

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      2. We just have different perspective of moving on. We’re just good at pretending sometimes.Im sure your children heard a lot of stories of their grandfather. We just need to be the storyteller of how they were.

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  1. Beautiful share. I lost my father, I was 11. I am much older now and would love to tell you the pain gets easier but, I actually believe we just get better at dealing with it. I am sure you dad read this and smiled down upon you. It was beautiful.

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  2. So beautifully written. I lost my dad only 5 years ago and I am in my 50’s. It still hurts and I miss him terribly. It doesn’t matter what age you are a lost loved one is always missed but lives in our heart and memories forever.

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