Your always gorgeous my dalaginding. You rock the outfit with your smile.

I feel so out of place next to you my princess.πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

Always a sweetie. Pink ribbon suits best in you.

So adorable!

Growing up my stress reliever is watching  fashion show. Their something about the lights,colors and textures of the outfits that was wore and me wondering if I can wear it myself. I mean the creation was perfect but it cant be wear in daily basis.I wish they come up with more comfortable outfit though.I also like watching talk shows and how I was amazed by how they talk so flawlessly.It’s tremendous!

I always look forward on doing things with a twist. And fashion statement is my way out.I don’t believe on sticking on one genre when you can mixed and matched. Theirs a lot of way to be simple yet different. It’s just a matter of choice. We’re all have different taste and favorites. We just need to explore a little bit and I’m hoping to pass my passion of fashion to my kids. They can have it their way but for now,I’ll do it my way.
I still have a lot of things in mind but my babies were not in the mood for more changed outfit. So there’s more to come.I won’t give up easily babies. Mama will make you wear all of it.


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